God loves Belgium God loves Europe

We will gather together around the message of Jesus Christ to bring revival to Belgium and the whole Europe.


Resurrection Belgium is a movement of people and churches actively building toward a penultimate stadium-event in 2020. This united movement is gathering as many willing individuals, ministries and churches for the purposes of uniting the Belgian body of Christ for a cause. That cause is the large-scale proclamation of the gospel in Belgium and the empowerment and equipping of the church. There will be key events taking place in the short term, but strategically building toward a large penultimate stadium event in 2020. Events, church gatherings and outreaches are occurring now; and will also be influential in achieving the goal of bringing the lost to Jesus and reviving the Belgian body of Christ. We believe that the activities preceding the keynote event in 2020 will be equally important in accomplishing the vision of Resurrection Belgium.


The destiny of Belgium and its capital is to be a sending post for those possessing a message of hope for humanity. Today, there are competing forces vying for influence in the heart of Europe. The message of many of these forces is not one of hope and love, but it’s a message that life is meaningless and we ought to be afraid. Whereas Europe’s destiny is overflowing churches full of the presence of the Holy Spirit with labourers being sent out to bless others and advance the kingdom of God in Europe. We believe that history is clear - Europe’s destiny is intertwined with the fate of Belgium. Battles won in Belgium, are battles won in Europe. When Belgium is blessed and prospering with God being glorified, Europe will lead the world into the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are broad-based group of individuals, ministries and churches. Resurrection Belgium is made up of representatives of Wallonia and Flanders. Resurrection Belgium is an inclusive movement for all those who desire to proclaim the message of Christ’s death and resurrection in Belgium. We hope to include as many Belgian followers of Christ as possible. We are a multi-denominational movement with hundreds of Belgian churches represented. Resurrection Belgium is determined to promote the message of the gospel and not a denomination or ministry.